Investor Visa

Investor Visa

Every country invites business entrepreneurs and investors who are keen on setting up a new business or expanding their own business within its territories. In order to facilitates the same act, same countries issues specific visas known as Investor visas to all such entrepreneurs or businessman. Well, these are also been known as entrepreneurial visas or business visas and here at Edify next, we will help you through at every step within the same journey.

The arrangement stays beneficial for both the businessman and the hosting country. While the businessman is getting the advantage of operating their respective business in a foreign country with great potential, the host country is benefitting whilst providing better employment opportunity to their local population. Beside the business advantage, the investors can also get cheaper loans and low taxation rates for their specific businesses.

Some Famous Countries Offering Investor Visa Options

All the Visas within this category are known as Tier 1 (Investor) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visas. Still, the Tier 1 (Investor) option would be the most appropriate option for Indian passport holders. The Candidates are just required to prove their credentials as a business person and further needs to ensure the availability of 2, 00,000 GBP to be invested within the UK for the 2 years period of the Visa. The same investment can be done in the form of various British government bonds, loan or share capital within the registered UK companies that are actively trading. The business owners also need to submit their respective business plans in the same context.

EB5 can be deemed as the most popular visa category for the USA. This visa scheme has been launched to encourage all the foreign investors to create a pool of capital investment within the host country. So, once the entrepreneurs invest 5,00,000 to 1 million USD in the country , they are then eligible to acquire an EB-5 visa which also includes a conditional green card to allow 2 years of conditional residency to the same entrepreneur. This green card can also be converted into an unconditional one if the same USA visa holder can prove that the business that he has invested in or created can generate an employment for upto 10 workers within the two years. In case the business couldn’t do the same, the visa stays cancelled after the expiry of the period.

Speaking of Canada Investor Visa, it permits immigration opportunities to all the foreign investors and entrepreneurs via Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) department. This gets done in order to boost the investment and employment opportunities within the country. The immigrant investor program (IIP) facilitates the creation of large number of jobs with the investment done by the investor entrepreneur in the country.

Singapore has an Entrepreneur Pass scheme to offer investment opportunities to all the foreign investors around the world. Under this scheme the entrepreneurs are granted with “Entrepass” that is the Singapore visa for investors in this scheme. The investors can start a venture under this visa scheme and they can also move in and out of the country without many formalities. Moreover, once the investors are been allotted the Entrepass, they have to come with the required capital in order to start over a private limited company in the country’s territory.

New Zealand has witnessed a big surge in the number of investors from various countries across the globe and the government has also put down their kind efforts in the same regards. The country has been long known for offering an amazing opportunity to all the foreign investors coming on board with educated labor. The businessman just needs to come forward with the required amount of capital and track record and they are all set to function within the country’s territories. Moreover, the country has recently been quoted as the second easiest nation to conduct business amongst all the other countries.
A New Zealand business visa offers dual opportunities to all the candidates in terms of visa application and they can file in either as an investor or an entrepreneur. The immigrants can start a new business in the country with the entrepreneur work visa and the same is been granted for a period of three years. Initially the same visa is been provided for a period of one years and the same gets extended for more two years after the business has proved its worth in front of the respective authorities.

Australian immigration has witnessed a drastic growth in the past few years and the same has boosted its economy at large in various instances. This is where the government is encouraging all the investors and entrepreneurs from across the globe to come and invest in their country whilst creating the employment opportunity to the local people around. This is where the Australian Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) scheme allows a major investor participation with FDI(Foreign direct investment) allowed under three different amounts of 1.5,5 and 15 million Australian Dollars within the Australian territories.
Australian immigration is quite inviting for all the investors who would like to invest in fresh or existing ventures in any given state or region within the country. All the business investors who would like to invest in various investment opportunities within Australia are been provided with various options like sole trading, partnerships, trusts and companies. All of the given business opportunities comes with their own respective tax and regulatory factors.