Study in South Korea

Study in South Korea

Study in South KoreaSouth Korea has come a long way after getting split from North Korea in 1948. From a discretely governed country, South Korea has now become an Asian powerhouse in various domains like, education, technology and tourism. Going down the same line, its capital city Seoul is now been listed amongst the top 10 student cities across the globe.

This is where investing in education and technology has reaped great rewards for  South Korea while making it world’s 11th largest economy ( 4th in Asia).The country has done some great wonders in the field of technological innovation and take pride in being called as ‘ Asian tiger” in the technological world.

It must be mentioned that more than 1 lac students studied in south Korea in the year 2017 and the government is setting its sight to aim for more than 2 lac students from across the globe in the coming years. So, while working towards increasing their global outreach, few of the South Korean universities like Yonsei University, are planning to start up international campuses in some of the major cities around the world.

How to apply for study in Korea?

Any local or international student can apply to a South Korean university via post or online. Students must remember that South Korean academic year starts in the month of March and the deadlines for the same application are set between September and November. There are other universities as well that run their academic session from the month of September and deadlines for inviting applications for same are set between may and June. There is a summer break that runs from July to august and a winter break that runs from December to February.

Even though carrying proficiency in Korean language comes as an added advantage, around 30 % of the total available courses in Korean universities are taught in English. This has further helped in breaking the language barrier while dealing with all the International students from across the globe. Still, learning a few basics of the Korean language can largely help you in getting closer to the rich culture and society of the republic of South Korea. In either case, the international students have to prove their proficiency in the given language of the course they have opted for.

Fees and Funding Fees and Funding South Korea

Students must also know that South Korean government has kept the tuition fees same for both local and international students and same are a part of their future plan to attract more international students in the future. The same fees vary according to the course and university and students can opt for their preferred one accordingly.

Talking about the public universities, an undergraduate course may cost you around US$4,350/semester (with humanities subjects at the lower end and medicine at the top).On the other side, if you are applying to a private university, you may get charged as US$5,800 per semester. If we look forward to 16 of Seoul’s internationally ranked universities, the annual fees for an undergraduate student is around US$6,500.

To further calculate the overall cost, the student must understand that there are only two semesters in each of the academic year, and most of the undergraduate programmes in South Korean universities last 4-6 semesters.

International students can opt for a number of scholarships which are largely available in most of the universities around while covering around 30 to 100 % of the total tuition fees. Well, there are other scholarships provided by the South Korean government that includes air fares and all the living expenses too.

Details about College and Courses Offered in South Korea

Kyungdong University
  • Business Administration Hotel Management
  • IT
Seoul National University
  • English Language
  • Art History
  • Business Administration
  • Social Studies Education