Study in Poland

Study in Poland

Study in PolandPoland is one of the most beautiful countries in the Europe and it’s also home to the world famous Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Lake District. Moreover, if you are a student and planning to visit Poland for study purposes, the country accommodates some of the oldest and most famous universities in the world. Speaking of the universities in Poland, there are more than 400 universities and colleges in the country that attracts more than 1 million students on a yearly basis. Poland is highly famous for being an affordable destination that also carries a big legacy of its rich and historical culture.

Tuition Fees in Poland

As far as the public universities are concerned, all the Polish, EU/EEA & Switzerland students need not to pay the tuition fees for all the courses taught in the Polish language. All the rest of the courses come along with a charge and the same varies between:

  • 500 to 6,000 EUR/academic year (Bachelor’s degrees)
  • 1,000 to 8,000 EUR/academic year (Master’s degrees)

Some of the degree courses like Dentistry and Business (particularly MBAs) may cost you around 15,000 EUR/year and the same cost exceeds if you pursue these courses from a private university.

Although they are few, you can find free programmes in Poland. They are more common at Master’s level and while some of them are free for all international students, other are only free for EU/EEA citizens. As always, our advice is to check if tuition fees apply to students from your country to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Even though the number is not that large, students can still find certain free programmes in Poland. These courses are common at the Master’s level and while few of them are only free for EU/EEA citizens, others are free for all of the International students. Hence, it is always advisable for the international students to check and evaluate the tuition fees as per their respective country.

Student Living Costs in Poland

Poland is quite affordable in terms of living cost and it is always been deemed as a steady economy. Speaking of living costs for international students, it varies between 350 – 550 EUR/month. Still, the same can be adjusted according to the city or area you are living in as the same cost of living can exceed to 500 – 850 EUR/month for cities like Krakow or Warsaw.

Accommodation Costs in Poland

Being a student, you must also be concerned about your accommodation as it carries around 35% of your total monthly living cost. When it comes to International students, they can reside in various private rental apartments and university residence halls that can be used on a sharing basis.

Cost of Student residence halls is 60 – 150 EUR per month and students can use it in order to increase their network with other local and international students. Students can also opt for rent in shared flat at a cost of 80-150 EUR per month. It must be mentioned that this option is quite popular amongst the polish students

The same price goes a bit higher if the students would like to rent an apartment all by themselves in a big city. Speaking of cost, a one-bedroom apartment in Krakow would cost you around 300 to 465 EUROS per month while Warsaw would attract the same cost at around 350 to 650 EURO per month.

Details about College and Courses Offered in Poland

WSGE University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Hospitality & Management
  • MBA & MBIS
Lazarski University
  • Bachelor Programs
  • Master Programs
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)
  • Bachelor Programs
  • Master Programs
University College of Enterprise and Administration (WSPA)
  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting Journalism and Social Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Sociology