Study in Germany

Study in Germany


Study in GermanyGermany is certainly a paradise for all the higher education seekers and this is where it stays home to some of the highly ranked universities across the globe. Being a student, you got to choose from globally valued degrees which offer a lot of credibility to your future aspiration down the line. Moreover, Germany comes on board with a rich legacy and history of some notable inventions and discoveries in the 19th and 20th century.

Well, there is no surprise why this country is been ranked amongst some of the world’s topmost destinations for International studies. If we look into the latest statistics in the same regards, there are more than 357,000 foreign students which are currently seeking a university course in Germany. Moreover, the number is ever increasing given to the quality of education delivered within these institutions.

Why you must choose Germany for higher education?
  • Low tuition fees for MBBS
  • Some of the German universities offer free scholarships to some of the international students
  • Great sightseeing options around
  • Low cost education with a lots of other key benefits
  • Low cost of living for all the foreign students
  • Job placement guarantee after the completion of the course
  • Diploma and degree issues by German universities are globally recognized
  • Feasible fee structure for all the foreign students
  • German universities have tie ups with various MNCs and hotels for job placements
  • Safest place for foreign students with minimal crime record
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  • Easily available part time jobs
  • Students can explore the picturesque views of the country along with their education
  • No requirement for entrance exams for any given course

With edify next, you can certainly expect the best support and assistance before, after and during the course of your educational journey at German universities.

Every year around, German universities witnesses hundreds and thousands of students from across the globe in order to take admissions in the wide categories of courses available there. This is where Germany has proved its prowess within the education domain for the innovation, research and affordability.

The students are required to obtain a visa via the German embassy and that must be accompanied by an appropriate residence permit. You must also notice that the same residence permit which you have obtained needs to be renewed after every two years.

The students are also required to be proficient in the German language in order to gain the admission in any of the government university. Well, the students do have an option to get them enrolled for a basic course in German language (Studienkolleg) in the country and they can further appear for the qualifying Feststellungsprüfung (assessment exam).  The duration of foundation course is 1 year and the students don’t need to pay any tuition fees for the same.  In fact, the students got to appear for another entrance exam (Aufnahmetest) in order to get an admission to the same course.

Details about College and Courses Offered in Germany

Courses Offered by German International College:

German International College is offering an excellent opportunity to all the international students (Non EU) to realize their dreams for getting higher education at one of the most recognized and prestigious German public universities.

The German International College provides a one year preparation program for all the international students to further facilitate their studies at one of the best Germany universities. The same offer is coming along with an exclusive model in collaboration with its  partner universities (festlegung prüfung not required) that is – Hochschule Niederrhein & Fachhochsule Bielefeld in the following Engineering Programs:

  • Biotechnology and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Process Engineering
  • Renewable Energies

Process to Get Admission for GIC

  • Simply fill and online application form
  • Make the payment of 63 Euros for the offline examination to the below mentioned account

-Scientific Freshers Gmbh

 -Bank: Sparkasse Rhein-Maas

 -IBAN: DE76 3245 0000 0030 0103 00


  • Get prepared for the entrance exam (Mathematics)
  • Students also need to pay the total cost of living for foundation year program which would come around 19500 euros. Well, the Second, third and fourth year would be coming with tuition free education at the public university. However, the aspiring students do need to provide a blocked account to confirm their capacity to take care for the living expense from second year onwards. Cost for the same would be around 10236 euros.
  • Tentative Entrance Examination Dates 2020
Process to get admission for GIC Country
19 March – 05 Aprilor 06 April – 18 April India
08 May – 23 May India
12 June – 27 June  India
15 July – 25 July    If required

Detailed process for the programme


Orientation week

The programme would kick start in the month of October with an orientation week where the students would be provided with all the required consultation in regards to their study program at GIC.


Preparation process

The students would then be groomed and prepared for the entrance exam at the preferred German university. For this, they will be getting language training in English and German languages to stay ready for technical courses in Mathematics, Physics or Economics. The students would be getting the personalize consultation regarding “How to prepare themselves for every given course or programme”. They would also be getting individual guidance to help you prepare for every given challenge in your study journey.


Final examinations

Once the students would be through with the preparation process, we will then testify their grabbed knowledge with the help of certain oral and written examinations. The students got to pass through these examinations in order to ensure their qualification for the given universities and colleges.

After the students have successfully cleared the final examinations at the German international college; they are all set to start their study journey with the topmost colleges at the German university. Contact us today for any query or question in the same regards. You can either call us directly or send in your concerns via an email.