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Selkirk is one of the most famous community college located in British Columbia, Canada that was founded in the year 1966. It must be mentioned that this college was the first community college in British Columbia. The same has now developed and grown into one of the biggest educational institutions within the Boundary and West Kootenay regions. Moreover, the college is affiliated to ACCC, CCAA, BCCAA, CBIE, CUP

Speaking of the campuses, Selkirk College accommodates 6 campuses and 2 learning centers within its facility. The same 6 campuses are the Castlegar Campus ( the biggest one), the Tenth Street Campus, the Victoria Street Campus, the Silver King Campus, the Trail Campus, and the Grand Forks Campus. Talking of the  2 learning centers, they are the Kaslo Learning Center and the Nakusp Learning Center. Well, there is also a space known as the Gathering Space in the Castlegar Campus that is especially dedicated to the development and promotion of indigenous culture, ceremony, and tradition.

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