Charles University

Charles University Ranking

Charles University was originally been established way back in the year 1348 and that certainly makes it as one of the oldest ever universities across the globe. Even while carrying a rich history and legacy, the college has now ensured its place as one of the most advanced, lively, multi-ethnic and prestigious institution of higher education around.

It is also the biggest and most renowned Czech university around that is also coming with a best-rated Czech university tag, as per the recent international rankings. As of now, there are in total 17 facilities at the University (14 in Prague, 2 in Hradec Králové and 1 in Plzeň), along with 3 institutes, 6 other centers of teaching, research, development and other creative activities, and a a centre providing information services. As of now ,there are 5 facilities that are serving the whole University, along with the Rectorate –that comes over as the executive management body for the whole University.

Charles University In Czech Republic

Programs and courses offered

  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF)
  • History and Area Studies (Has)
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)
  • Bachelor in Social Sciences (SOSCI)
  • A. in History and Area Studies (Has)
  • A. in Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Sc. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)
  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF)
  • Bachelor in Computer Science


Most of the accommodation is provided within the Charles University Halls of Residence (= dormitories).This is where Students are accommodated in double-occupancy rooms. Speaking of Unit system, that comes along with twin rooms (= double room with two separate beds) with sharing bathroom facilities (shower and wc).

The Students are also been provided with a small kitchenette that is mainly located at the end of each corridor. Students are also allowed the facility of a lavatory and hanging rooms in the building, for which, the keys are made available at the reception area [against a fee]. Other facilities like Bedding and bed linen are been provided (bed linen is exchanged regularly); along with towels and kitchen utensils (like pans, plates, cups etc.)