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HBEC “Hospitality Business Education College” can said to be a highly accredited business school that is located  in the heart of St. Gallen, Switzerland. At HBEC, the main focus stays upon delivering high-quality business education and the management believes that business degrees showcases much more than just a piece of paper. This is where the college is committed to delivering excellent opportunities to all of its students while rendering a significant experience in training business managers.

The curriculum of the college has been specifically developed whilst getting inputs from leading names in the Hotel/ Resort industry while providing a competitive edge to the careers of all the students here. At HBEC, the faculties help the students in reaching their career goals with all the inspiration and motivation. Speaking of experience, the college got some of the most experienced and expert faculties within their premises that can help the students to achieve their specific career goals. HBEC is highly recognized for delivering some great excellence in business education and got affiliated to some of the major accreditation bodies. HBEC also comes as a member of major prestigious organizations

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Benefits of getting enrolled with HBEC

HBEC Switzerland GmbH is highly known for its intensive and hands-on style of teaching Switzerland standard Hospitality Management Programs that further helps in preparing all the skilled and dedicated young professional that are highly passionate about making a future in the Luxury Hotel Management. The students hereby get a chance to explore their high-end talents and inner capabilities while learning from all real-world experiences. HBEC Switzerland campus(s) attracts both local and international students, professional instructors, chefs, HM specialists and associated professionals from not only hospitality but travel & tourism industry as well. The college is committed to bringing on all the new platforms of education while creating modern standards of excellence and creativity.

All campuses in India are extensions of the HBEC main campus located at Wittenbach, Switzerland. They have been established to enable talented youngsters of India to attain and achieve the international quality of professionalism and excellence in the various fields of the Hospitality industry. Learn, Earn & Achieve is the basic fundamentals of all HBEC training programs.

Study programs

The HBEC offers a detailed and specially crafted study programs in hospitality management to all of its students. To further ensure a multidimensional traineeship, each of the diploma courses brings along 3 to 4 different certified learning streams in fields like language and communication, catering and service training, housekeeping, beverage courses, accounting, hotel administration, business leadership seminars, as well as economy and law. The training is mostly practical in accordance to the current standards in hotel industry, gastronomy or tourism.